Care Management Services

Our Health Home helps to facilitate the health and recovery of each patient by coordinating with Care Management Agencies. These agencies offer access to a broad range of services, including:

Comprehensive Care Management

Comprehensive Care Management offers clients access to more timely and appropriate care based on a comprehensive assessment of medical, behavioral, rehabilitative and social needs.


Care Coordination & Health Promotion

Care Coordination is about working with treating clinicians to ensure that client services are provided and changes in treatment or medical conditions are addressed as needed.


Comprehensive Transitional Care

Transitional Care is follow-up care. It can include working with hospitals and ERs to facilitate care prior to discharge into the community, as well as working in residential/rehabilitative settings, following up with Care Teams and assessing goals.


Member & Family Support

Care Management facilitates collaboration between providers, clients, family and support members to establish a continuing plan of care, including referrals to additional support services based on client need.


Referral and Community & Social Support Services

Care Management also identifies resources within the community and helps the client receive services as needed. This can be clinical and require a referral, or a non-clinical service such as housing, transportation, etc.


If you’re interested in seeing if you are eligible to receive Care Management services through a Health Home, visit Who is Eligible or call us toll-free at 1-855-784-1262.