What is a Health Home?
A Health Home is not a place; it is a free service through your New York State Medicaid coverage. Health Homes provide Care Management services to help make sure everyone involved in your care is working together and sharing information that is important in supporting your health and recovery.

How can the Health Home help you?
The goal of the Health Home is to improve not just your physical health, but also your emotional well-being. The Health Home will assist you with:

  • Getting involved in activities to improve your quality of life and health
  • Learning about social and other activities in the community
  • Transitioning from the hospital back to the community
  • Making sure everyone involved in your care understands the Care Plan, to meet your goals
  • Obtaining safe housing, legal assistance, food and other health and essential needs

How is it different from other Care Management?
Health Home Care Managers are trained to consider all of your needs. Therefore, you receive support in areas you may not have had assistance with before, including housing, legal assistance and becoming involved in social or community activities. The help you receive is driven by your goals and the needs you identify. Care Managers also help when you are in the hospital to make sure your needs at the time of discharge are met.

What are the people that members work with like?
Care Management staff members are caring individuals who talk with you about your goals, needs, and what will make your life meaningful. They also know where to go and who to talk with in order to make sure these needs are met as quickly as possible and that you have the supports needed for recovery.

Who do you speak with if you have questions?
If you are enrolled, your assigned Care Manager is your contact for all questions.

If you are not enrolled and have questions, please call us toll-free at 1-855-784-1262. We would be happy to assist you.

How do you sign up?
To see if you’re eligible, visit “Who Is Eligible” or email us at referrals@cnyhealthhome.net and a referral coordinator will assist you.

What happens to my primary care doctor and mental health counselor?
You and your Health Home Care Manager develop a Care Plan that, with your permission, gets shared with your physician, your counselor and other service providers. The Care Plan allows all of your providers to support your goals.

What if I am a member of a managed care organization?
Members of Medicaid managed care organizations are eligible to receive Health Home Care Management. Once you complete the application and consent form, we will contact your Managed Care Organization to let them know.

Who pays for Health Home services?
Medicaid pays for Care Management services for those who are eligible. It does not cost you anything to enroll.


Health Home: A “Health Home” is not a place; it is a group of health care and service providers working together to make sure you get the care and services you need to stay healthy. Once you are enrolled in a Health Home, you will have your own Care Manager. The Care Manager will work with you to set up a Care Plan and appointments and get the services you need to put you on the road to better health. Some of the services may be:

  • health care providers
  • mental health and substance abuse providers
  • medications
  • housing
  • social services (such as food, benefits and locating housing)

Care Management Agencies: Care Management Agencies contract with us to provide Health Home services.

Network Providers: Network providers contract with us in order to provide referrals and to coordinate existing services with new services.

Managed Care Organizations: We work with MCOs in order to provide Health Home Care Management to their members.

Community Service Agencies: We utilize existing community service agencies as resources for recipients we work with.